Exclusively packed Special Edition

Our Special Edition includes exclusively packed H.R. Revealed DVD and 100-pages script with lots of exclusive photos.

Watch two hours of unique private footage of Swiss surrealist and the world he created! This is the first official H. R. Giger DVD, which contains original documentaries, interviews, animated movies, experimental films and much more. Own it today and remember Giger forever!


The DVD includes 52 min long documentary H.R. Giger Revealed showing interviews with H.R. Giger, Ernst Fuchs, Bijan Aalam, Andrée Lassen, Stanislav Grof, Richard Tarnas, Leslie Barany, Gothic Hangman, Ridley Scott, Jonathan Mover, Pet Silvia, George Petros, Neil Zukerman, Carlo Mccormick, Jacaeber Kastor, Chris X, Dana Frank, Tom Gabriel Fischer, Debbie Harry and Carmen Scheifele Giger.


"This is by far the best collection of Giger artwork and films, also exhibitions compiled on this dvd. If you are a Giger fan you will like this one." - specialkrp, Amazon.com

"For anyone who may never have the opportunity to see any of Gigers nightmareish masterpieces up close. This is it!" - Leon Essex , Amazon.com

"The section in this movie entitled."Art in motion" is worth it in itself. Its a great bio of his life and work revealing the genius that is Giger.If ur a Giger fan or someone who`s just becoming familiar w/his artwork,this movie is a must.Beautifully executed eye candy!" - emilio, Amazon.com


Highlight of the DVD is the 30 minutes long H.R.Giger’s Art in Motion, breathtaking 3D animation of Giger’s paintings processed digitally in high resolution quality - the true Giger spectacle!

Rated 8.1 on IMDB.COM!


"I love Giger's work and seeing it brought to life in this DVD was a real treat. A must buy for any fan of the incredible work of H.R.Giger." - Toby Christian, Amazon.co.uk

"The main film is an epic, sprawling journey through some of HR Giger's greatest pieces as you won't have seen them before. Each one's been digitally scanned and processed then transformed into 3D images that twitch and twist across the screen. The film takes time across each multi-layered painting which come to life with cyber sorcery. The soundtrack is also as haunting as you would expect from a Giger dvd, with soothing ambient electro-wierdness similar to Tangerine Dream, which is later followed by a heavier and darker music score, both industrial and claustrophobic, kind of like a TOOL music video, unsettling yet compelling. Strange noises send chills up your spine as if from the images themselves." - aNdY tAyLoR, Amazon.co.uk


Become proud owners of the unique 100-pages long script with exclusive photos and sketches included! It won't get any better than this!

Rest of the DVD content includes 15 minutes-long Home Made, informal view to Giger’s one day of life, and 10 other short films and extras like High And Heimkiller, Giger´s Second Celebration of the Four, Sex, Drugs And Giger etc.

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