H.R. Giger Revealed



I became acquainted with Andre at several private Giger gatherings. He is a renowned gothic sculptor and a master blademaker schooled in the old Japanese traditions. His Damascus steel daggers and swords are sought after by collectors and musicians such as Keith Richards, Chris Stein and Jonathan Davis. We filmed his interview at Giger's vernissage at Halles Saint Pierre in Paris.


Bijan is a long-time good friend of Giger and one of his first gallerists. He was the first to exhibit Giger's paintings in France, in his gallery in Paris. His nickname is "The Algerian Prince" - I cannot remember the exact reason for it. In his interview he recalls the indignant first reactions of the public to Giger's paintings in the 60's.



Carmen has been Giger's wife since 2006 and she is also the Director of the Giger Museum in Gruyeres. I met her in 2000 when I started to work for Giger. She and Giger were already a couple at that time. Carmen is a wonderful and intelligent woman and in the film she clarifies Giger's attitude towards women...



Celebrity and music photographer Dana Frank first met Giger in 1993 during one of his rare visits to New York and has photographed him every time he returned to the city. Over the years, she has created several iconic portrait series of Giger, one of which graces the cover of this DVD. In our interview she describes working wiith Giger from her personal perspective as a photographer...



We were fortunate to interview the lead singer of "Blondie" at New York's famed recording studio, "Skyline", www.skystudnyc.com, due to the fact that we had missed our flight back to Prague. Debbie talks about her unique collaboration with Giger in creating the cover for her 1981 debut solo album, "Koo-Koo", and the music videos they filmed at his attelier in Zurich, directed by Giger.



Austrian visionary artist and founder of "The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism". He and Giger have been close friends for many years and great fans of each other's art. We met Fuchs at the famed Otto Wagner Villa, now the Ernst Fuchs Museum and the artist's Viennese residence. It was an amazing interview and an incredible experience. Many thanks for that.



George Petros is the author of 45 Dangerous Minds and Art That Kills. During his long career in art journalism, in the 80s he put out EXIT Magazine, in the 90s he edited and art-directed Seconds Magazine, and from 2000 to the present, the senior editor of Propaganda, and a contributing editor of Juxtapoz and ArtSync magazines. He shared with us his unique perspective on art and H.R. Giger.



We first interviewed Chris at the opening of the Giger Bar in Gruyeres, and were happy to have a second opportunity to talk with him at the "Gigerotique" exhibition in New York. In his role as a book publisher, Chris is a driving force in the cultural underworld and is dedicated to producing fine art, fiction and non-fictional works of quality for a discriminating audience. His company, Scapegoat Publishing, focuses on dark and often-controversial subjects.



Founder of the legendary Psychedelic Solution, in the 80's Jay was one of the first to exhibit underground artists such as Robert Williams, R Crumb, and S. Clay Wilson. In 1984, he gave Giger his first New York show. In 2004, Jay sold his collection of poster art estimated to include hundreds of thousand pieces and is now is a private dealer. In his interview, he talks about Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, and theorizes why the band broke up soon after the legal battle over a Giger painting, included as a poster in one of their albums.



Founder of Art at Large Gallery in New York, specializing in alternative, neo-erotic and figurative fine art, In 2005 Pet mounted the "Gigerotique" exhibition, curated by Leslie Barany. We we graciously allowed to use the gallery as a location for shooting several of our interviews and while we were at it we also had a little chat with Pet...



The world-famous director was interviewed in 1978 during the production of the sci-fi cult classic, Alien, the film that first brought Giger to the attention of an international audience when, in 1979, he received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his design of the movie's title character and its environment. This rare interview was conducted by Mia Bonzanigo, Giger's first wife, on the set of Alien, in Shepperton Studios.



Tranas is one of the most respected astrologists these days. We met him at an esoteric symposium in Basel. He gave us a well-researched insight to Giger's horoscope and his planet constellations...



Our meeting with Grof was arranged by Carmen who had been his long-time colleague. It was a downright psychedelic meeting, when talking to him I could feel my head spin and I hallucinated. Stanislav Grof is world-acclaimed psychiatrist and founder of the holotropic breathwork. I consider Grof's view of Giger and his art crucial for our documentary - see if you don't agree...



Well, this is me. I'm the director and producer of H.R.Giger Revealed. I worked for Giger in Zurich for three years. Then, I went back to Prague, where I organized his exhibition at the National Technical Museum. I have been working on this DVD since 2003. For more information about it: click here.