H.R. Giger Revealed

The H.R. Giger DVD

Watch two hours of unique private footage of Swiss surrealist and the world he created! This is the first official H. R. Giger DVD, which contains original documentaries, interviews, animated movies, experimental films and much more.

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World-famous artist Hans Ruedi Giger presents fans with real-seeming landscapes, special aliens, live interviews with a series of artists, and a synopsis of animated work. H.R. Giger Revealed allows fans a unique opportunity to be thrust into the world of surrealist landscapes, aliens, unadulterated science fiction, and eye-opening fantasies through a series of breath-taking animated work. H.R. Giger Revealed allows viewers a chance to live the experience of Hans Ruedi Giger's body of work, including exposure to the making of his world-renowned films such as Alien. There is a bounty of scintillating visual delights to be experienced through this collector's item, which contains rare footage, motion-graphics, 3-D animation, and art direction conducted by the artist himself. This state-of-the-art DVD is the ultimate treat for the seasoned fan of Giger. He has created this work with the dedicated, hardcore fan in mind in order to provide a first-class experience and series of never before seen material.

The H. R. Giger DVD includes:
* Stuff that Giger always dreamt of, come to live!
* H. R. Giger's work finally 3D animated!
* Erotomechanics fellatio, Biomechanical landscapes etc. all in motion.
* Interviews with artists like Ernst Fuchs, Ridley Scott, Debbie Harry...
* Making Of the Alien and other sculptures.
* Rated for hardcore fans only!

H. R. Giger Revealed is a must-have for all Giger fans in the world. Packed in a luxurious double-wall slipcase, you'll find a real collectors piece. Perfect Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround sound and lots of special features. The H. R. Giger DVD was specially designed and supervised by the artist himself. Don't hesitate!

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