H.R. Giger Revealed

H.R. Giger Revealed

[The H.R. Giger DVD]

H.R. Giger Revealed
Documentary film by David N. Jahn
40 min. / 16:9 PAL / Audio 5.1, 2.0 DTS / DOLBY DIGITAL

H.R. Giger's Art In Motion
H.R. Giger's work 3D animated
30 min. / 16:9 PAL / Audio 5.1, 2.0 DTS / DOLBY DIGITAL

Bonus Material
1967 High and Heimkiller
16 mm, 11 min., magnetic sound, director F. M. Murer,
producers H.R. Giger and F.M. Murer

1977 Giger's Second Celebration of the Four
16 mm, magnetic sound, 5 min.
film fragment by J.-J. Wittmer and H.R. Giger;

1992 Sex, Drugs and Giger
16mm, colour, 5 min, animated movie with pictures from H.R.Giger,
produced by Sandra Beretta and Baetsch

2000 Walking With Giger
DV-PAL, 3min., shortfim directed by Jo Schuttwolf

2003 HR Giger DVD / Documentary pilot

2004 HRG Paris Exhibition
HDV, 8 min, Deep Side Production

2005 HR Giger DVD / Official Trailer

2007 H.R. Giger Revealed / Premiere Night Prague
HDV, 6min. Shortfilm about Prague Premiere Night and DVD release party;

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